Let us welcome you to CraftingHistory

Sometimes all you need is an awesome person to complete the community. We are really glad to see you. Welcome to Crafting History!

Staff Members

Rulebooks and Guidelines

We believe everyone should be welcomed, every point of view should be given a chance. We welcome debate, as long as it is done peacefully and respectfully; any point of view is welcomed. Respect is imperative, everyone is equal here. Discussion must be kept civil, feel free to express yourself as long as you do it calmly.

Upon Applying to our community you agree to following these rules/guidelines. Staff can and will use their own judgement when deciding on which warning/punishment is best suited to any given user.

We reserve the right to change or modify these rules at any given time with or without reason. We also reserve the right to remove you from our community without warning and/or reason, however, a reason will generally be provided and you may ask for one if you are concerned.

  • General Rulebooks

    You are not allowed to;
    • Continually and aggressively insult or stalk other members.
    • Post personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, etc.), without prior consent.
    • Assume the identity of another member including staff.
    • Hindering staff doing their job.
    • Post links to inappropriate sites (this includes discord and in-game).
    • Post spam (this includes mentioning any role in discord).

  • In-game Guidelines

    You are not allowed to;
    • Grief.
    • "Harassment" of other members (If you feel being harassed tell a staff member).
    • Kill on sight. No pvp without both party's consent.
    • Abuse glitches (This does not include: TNT duping) if you are not sure if what you are doing is allowed contact a staff member before you do it. Staff is not allowed to warn/punish members who report a glitch or ask to use a glitch.

  • Chat Guidelines

    I. Arguments with Staff
    You are not allowed to openly argue with staff about punishments. Contact the staff member via a private message. These situations should be dealt with privately.

    II. Doxing
    You are not allowed to post personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, etc.), without prior consent.

    III. Spamming
    You are not allowed to post the same messages repeatidly in discord Chat.

    IV. Inappropriate content
    You are not allowed to post links containing pornography, illegal content. Racial, sexual, or any other form of discrimination is not tolerated.